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Apr 15 2015 Wed

There are about 700 shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015 and it is impossible for me to compile a meaningful list without leaving some people out, so I’m trying to focus on the out-of-towners who don’t have home support!

Here’s a cool list of VERY funny, experienced and upbeat stand up comedians performing at the MICF this year:

Stand Up Comedy

Cam Knight

Daniel Townes

Damien Power

Mike Goldstein

Eric Hutton

Daniel Connell

Bart Freebairn

Anne Edmonds

David Williams

Harley Breen

Josh Earl

Adam Rozenbach

James Masters

Josh Earl

James Smith

Karl Woodberry

Becky Lucas

Wil Sylvince

David Williams

Alex Edelman

John Kearns

David Quirk

Greg Larsen

Nick Cody

Susie Youssef

Rhys Nicholson


Sketch Comedy

Max & Ivan

Steen Raskopoulos
I’ll probably keep adding to this list throughout the month as the festival continues and I remember the friends I have.